Give Your Baby the Best Start

Parenthood is filled with questions. Lovevery’s Parent Courses bring answers with practical, hands-on tips from child development experts.

  • Expert Led Insights

  • Hands-On, Practical Tips

  • Course Guides Included

  • Designed for Busy Parents

  • No Set Schedule

What Parents Are Saying

“I feel like my toolkit of ideas to help families problem-solve their way out of tummy time difficulties has exploded! I love the emphasis on helping baby be comfortable on their tummy first.”

Carolyn, NICU O.T.

“I followed your modified BLW approach and my 9 month old is confidently feeding herself eggs and toast! I felt a lot more comfortable starting her on a spoon pre-loaded with purees at 6 months than jumping right into soft solids.”


“My 3 month old is making rapid progress with tummy time and we’re up to close to 30 minutes a day, having gone from all tears within about 30 seconds of being on his belly. ”

Jessica P.


  • I’m so excited about these Courses! Will you cover other topics in the future?

    Yes, we will. We are working on expanding our Course selection to give your family support for all your parenting questions—from when your child is a newborn until they’re ready for school. Just as our products, blog, social media, and podcast cover a range of activities and subjects, you can expect our Courses to explore a variety of topics, coming soon.

    We’d love to hear what topics you’d most like to learn about. DM our Cofounder and CEO Jessica Rolph on Instagram at @jessicarolph

  • How do you choose your experts?

    Lovevery works with a broad network of child development experts—neuroscientists, pediatricians, occupational therapists, specialists, academics, and researchers. When we explore working with a new expert, we make sure they share in our commitment to families and uncompromised dedication to providing science-backed, trustworthy information. We work to give you options and ideas that you can bring into your home, not unilateral instructions. There’s no one way to parent, and we want you to have reliable resources available to make informed decisions that work for your family.

    If there are experts you follow or want to learn from, we’d love to hear about them. DM our CEO & Cofounder Jessica Rolph on Instagram with @jessicarolph

  • How do I know if these Courses are right for my child’s stage? When should I watch them?

    Each Course lists a recommended age range for when you may find the information helpful. You don’t need to begin the Course at an exact stage to take advantage of the information provided. The Courses are great learning resources even before your child is ready for the topic covered (maybe even while you’re eagerly awaiting their arrival).

  • How long can I access the Course?

    You are welcome to come back and access the Courses for up to 6 months after you sign up. We’ve included other handy resources—like the Course Guides—that are yours to keep and reference for years to come.

  • Can I download the Course videos? Are there downloadable resources?

    You will have easy access to the Course videos for 6 months with your sign-in information, but you cannot download the course videos. When you sign up for a course, you’ll receive a free downloadable Course Guide that you can reference any time.

Disclaimer: These Courses are for your informational and educational purposes only and should not be considered, or used as a substitute for, individualized medical, nutritional, or any other professional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please review our Parent Courses Terms of Use for more details.